Um, yeah

Earlier this week I had an appointment. It didn’t go that well.

What it was for was fine but the person the appointment was with was a bit abrupt and rude. I’m relatively sure that wasn’t the intention but it doesn’t change the fact that if there was a list of “things not to say to a wheelchair user” at least two of their comments would be on it. I picked them up on one of them.

Anyway this led to me being in my powerchair headed home via the supermarket and in A Bad Mood.

I’m wandering along the path and a little way ahead of me is an older lady. There’s a newish pelican crossing ahead or I could be turning and heading a different way. Where we are there’s no way to tell which I’m doing.

The lady stopped and when I got closer waved me ahead saying “you come past”

I said Thank you.

She then said “go round to the crossing. Make sure you cross there.”

I still could have been going somewhere different and I’d probably find that part patronising at anytime

But there’s the small matter of the aforementioned Bad Mood

So I’ll admit I was a little annoyed and very sarcastic when I replied “yeah, I do know where I’m going.”

I was going to cross the road.

I was sat waiting at the crossing when the older lady reached it.

She caught my eye and said “I don’t like crossing roads. Would you mind if I crossed with you?”

I said that’d be fine and made doubly sure it was safe before telling her so and she followed me across the road.

Um, yeah.

That’s a lesson for me.

All I could think about that was “I am such a bitch.”

I thought she was being patronising and infantilising me.

She just wanted help.

One thought on “Um, yeah”

  1. Beautiful humility Emma a lovely read.
    I read a story about a man on a train; the carriage was empty apart from a man with 4 children. The children were running riot and clambering all over the place and several times interfered with the man. After what seemed like an age the man finally said to the father ‘ Can’t you keep your children in order?’ The father replied I’m sorry you see we have just come back from the hospital because my wife has just died’
    Um, yeah

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