Random Bullet Points of Book Blogger Life

♥ I have three book reviews to write and I’m part way through a fourth review book.

♥ Sometimes I think I read too quickly.

♥ I’ve read 81 books so far this year. That totally blows my mind.

♥ I’m rereading a lot of my old favourite books this year. For the most part I’m enjoying them. Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was a bit disappointing this time round.

♥ Sequels to two of my favourite books are on one of my bookcases. I want to read them but I also don’t because what if they ruin the books I loved? For the same reason I’ve also not reread the two books

♥ I love my kindle but I also love the smell and feel of a physical book. Particularly the smell. I’m not a big fan of iBooks.

♥ Remember this list of 13 books I was looking forward to reading? I’ve read way more then 13 books since then but only 2 off the list.

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