Someday I’ll Find You by Richard Madeley

I feel the need to start this review with something of a confession: I’ve been feeling a bit like my book reviews must be boring because I always seem to say the same sort of thing.

And when I got an email asking if I wanted to review Someday I’ll Find You by Richard Madeley I thought it couldn’t
be as good as it sounded but it was worth taking the risk because if it was bad like I expected I’d at least have something different to say in the review!

James Blackwood is sexy and handsome and a fighter pilot – every girl’s dream partner. At least that is what Diana Arnold thinks when her brother first introduces them. Before long they are in love and marry hastily just as war is declared. Then fate delivers what is the first of its cruel twists: James, the day of their wedding, is shot down over Northern France and killed. Diana is left not only a widow but pregnant with their child.

Ten years later, contentedly remarried, Diana finds herself in the south of France, sitting one morning in a sunny village square. A taxi draws up and she hears the voice of a man speaking English – the unmistakable voice of someone who will set out to torment her and blackmail her and from whom there can be only one means of escape…

Reading the synopsis it really sounded like my sort of book (I think I’ve written before about the fact that the Second World War and the time immediately after interests me).

But this was a novel written by a famous person. I’ve read those before – ones where it’ll most likely sell on the authors name alone – and found the bad or at least in need of a decent edit (A Tiny Bit Marvellous by Dawn French is one such example). So my expectations for this weren’t good.

The book however was. I’m tempted in fact to say it was brilliant. I was very pleasantly surprised and if Richard Madeley wrote another book I’d want to read it.

I found it really drew me in and I read it quite quickly. In 40 minutes waiting at the doctors with half an ear listening for my name to be called I flew through the first 60 pages. Every time I picked it up I read a big chunk of it. Often bigger chunks than I’d intended too. And as much as I liked how it ended (and was very intrigued by one line towards the end) part of me was disappointed to reach the end.

I could identify a lot with aspects of Diana’s character and in a way wished I could be a bit more like her. It also made me really wanted to visit France again because it captured the colour and feel of it so well. Both signs of a very good book.

There’s a lot more I could say about this if I had the time but I don’t so I’ll just end with this. it’s surprisingly good and I’m really pleased I took a chance and read it.

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