Self-care Sunday: Finger painting for Grown Ups

I’m not going to write a lot this week. In someways that’s part of taking care of me. But really I’ve a lot to say related to this but I can make my point better by just writing a little and taking my time later this week to sort out photos and do the rest properly.

This week, I took some time out. I got the train into London and met my friend Eleanor (she lives in Oxford and it was easier to meet there). Friday we went to the theatre to see Les Miserables. I love musicals and that was one I’d never seen before. I’d also not seen either of the films. I really liked it.

Saturday we were up early as we had tickets to National Paralympic Day – for the Boccia and the table tennis. Another friend of ours moved to London last year and came too with her new partner who we didn’t know yet. It was nice to see her and meet him. A wander around the Liberty Festival and parts of the Olympic Park followed and the day was rounded off by surprise wheelchair basketball.

Today we went for a look around Westfield Stratford. And I got my nails done.

That’s where the self-care comes in. I’ve wanted to get my nails done with nail art for ages. But I’ve always thought it was a waste of money in a way when it doesn’t last long unless you get gels and tips. And everyone kept telling me those trash your real nails.

We spotted an interesting looking shop and went into look (jewellery, some make up) At the back they had a nail bar and for £15 they painted my nails and every single one has zebra print nail art on it, drawn by hand.

Maybe it’ll only last a few days and its silly. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about for months. And as I said to the girl who did it it’s better then some random souvenir that will clutter up my house and I’ll eventually chuck.

Plus, its dramatic and fun and every time it catches my eye it makes me smile. Self-care should be about the smile I think

zebra print nail art

My hand, showing off my very short nails which are painted a dark purple with white zebra stripes painted on free hand.

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  1. Oh wow…made me smile…now what can I treat myself to on my next day off? ..Made me think….I’ll let you know
    PS It won’t be a tatoo

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