Self-Care Sunday: Resting

I thought for this weeks self care Sunday blog I’d combine it with my idea of the five minute blog – getting what thoughts I can down in just five minutes and then leaving it. That’s because I’m not sure I have a lot to say, point one and point two I’d like an early ish for me might (which a lot of people wouldn’t consider early I know) so I’m not short on time but not exactly rolling in it either.

So how have I been taking care of myself this week?

Resting. Mostly getting extra rest.

I’ve been pretty tired all week following my very busy and very fun weekend in London last week (which I still need to blog about). One or two early nights, multiple naps and some lie ins. Even days like today that have or will have seen all of the above! Today is a very definite lazy day and in fact I only got dressed because I’m still in my summer mode of sleeping mostly naked.

I was getting a bit worried earlier about how tired I still am but when I rang mum she asked what I’d been doing today and when I said I’d napped and had a lie in she went “yeah you were busy yesterday and Friday weren’t you?” And I twigged she was right. Kind of busy Thursday too but in a different way. So actually I guess it’s ok, particularly given I may still be somewhat anaemic and my med compliance has been poor this week.

One thought on “Self-Care Sunday: Resting”

  1. I had rest day Saturday did not get dressed till 2pm…love it..I would recommend that self care day to everyone I just hadn’t thought of the name til Emma did!

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