Spotted on the Internet

A few links to articles and blogs that have caught my eye or otherwise made me think lately:

Kate Granger is a doctor working in elderly medicine in the NHS. She’s also a patient with terminal cancer. So she has a unique dual perspective. Her tweets @grangerkate were what first brought her to my attention, especially when she tweeted repeatedly during a recent hospital stay about the number of hospital staff who failed to introduce themselves. That’s led to a bit of a campaign and her blog about it is well worth reading Hello my name is…. There is also a storify page with all the relevant tweets gathered together with additional comments from Kate Granger.

Something very different is this post from A Thrifty Mrs – are we the now generation? I’ve not commented in the discussion because I’ve been changing my mind a lot but it is something I keep coming back too. I think probably we are the now generation and in someways that could be causing problems (and may even cause many more in the future). But equally in someways it could turn out to be a good thing as long as the feasibility of “now” rather than later is considered. I’m not always good at that!

A couple of weeks ago I came across a new to me blog called Fat Girl, Phd. Several of her posts have struck me as memorable and worth a reread or three. Lets Get Angry and Start Being Kind is one of them. Feminism and empowerment in what strikes me as a sensible and easy way – mostly focusing on ourselves.

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