A Weekend of (mostly) Reading

That’s what I’m planning.

I am disappearing in the direction of Oxford for a while later but other than that this weekend is for reading. In part because this weekend is Dewey’s Readathon and when it got to last night I realised my decision not to sign up was the wrong one. Yes I am busy but I figured that reading is reading and I could at least take part for a few hours. And I figure actually I’ll just read regardless of official Readathon times etc. The main part of dedicating this weekend to reading is obviously just that I really enjoy it, it’s a nice break and might help me do something with my crazy TBR (and catch up with my now very behind goodreads challenge but that’s very much something I’m ignoring).

10 am (in the living room at home). I listened to two chapters of the audiobook of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami while lying in bed earlier. I really love Murakami I think he’s rapidly becoming one of my favourites. The two chapters totalled about 40 minutes but I think I need to listen to the second one again because I dozed off for a bit then woke up and listened a but more and was lost. But for now I’m going to eat a bit of chocolate and read Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m about 100 pages in so I should finish it by lunchtime hopefully.

Update 12:10pm I finished Looking for Alaska a few minutes ago. 164 pages read. I really enjoyed it. It was powerful and made me think but not in the same way The Fault In Our Stars did (I think I preferred that one but in a very different way)

Not sure what’s next. I’m torn between two or three books. Gonna take a break and chuck some washing in, start some lunch etc. while I figure it out.

1:56pm I re listened to that chapter of The Wind Up Bird Chronicles and I obviously slept through more of it than I realised this morning. And then I listened to a third chapter. I was eating lunch, doing a puzzle on my ipad and then briefly stretching whilst listening to that. The ability to listen while doing other stuff is a big part of why I like audiobooks.

Now I’m reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. I’d not planned to make today John Green reading day but that’s the way it’s turning out. I’m only a very few pages in. It’s very different to Looking for Alaska but it’s making me laugh and I think I’ll like it.

2:40pm made it to page 68 of An Abundance of Katherines and it’s still very good. It’s getting pretty interesting in fact but now it’s time I disappeared for a while.

5:04 read more on the train and whilst waiting for it. On page 110 now. Did some quick shopping (bought two more books). Now waiting for my friend in the bar. Think I’ll read a bit more. Once I get a cocktail that is!

11:47pm home now. Cocktails and a catch up with a friend and then the theatre with Mum. We went to see The Mousetrap. That was really good. It was a different thing for me – I’m usually a musicals sort of girl. I’ve never read or seen any Agatha Christie before but I think I’d like to read on of her books.

I’m up to page 123 of Katherines. I was planning to finish it before bed but given how tired and a bit headachy I am I’m abandoning that plan. I will read a bit more however because I need to wind down a bit.

01:01 am So, apparently, I lied.

I just finished reading An Abundance of Katherines. Pain meds finally dealt with my headache and so I read a bit more than I meant to. And then I realised there were only 30 pages of actual story left (turns out there’s not only an appendix explaining the maths but there’s an interview with John Green and an extract from TFIOS at the end of my book. I skipped those). So I figured it’d be rude not too and finished it. I did guess the twist in the end but I also liked how it ended.

I think TFIOS is the one I like best out of the three John Green books I’ve read to date. I can’t decide if I prefer Alaska or Katherines better. Katherines was the one that called to me most when I read the back of them both but I think Alaska may have been marginally better. But only just.

And now, it really is bed time.

More in the morning.

Sunday, 10:48 am I’m up, still sleepy, but I’m up. I listened to another chapter of The Wind Up Bird Chronicle as I was falling asleep last night and two more when I first woke up this morning. There’s just something inherently restful about lying in a dark room being told a story so I do it often.

I’m going to get stuck into a long book today. I’ve not decided quite what yet but something classic I think. Not a Victor Hugo though! It’ll be a long time until I do that again after reading Les Mis in nine days in late August/early Sept.

But first to eat a big bowl of cereal and drink Orange juice.

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  1. I like the John Green theme you have going on. Looking for Alaska was the first of his books that I read and was blown away by it. Katherines is my least favourite Green book, but it is still quite good.

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