Self Care Sunday: limits, anxiety and sleep

This week I’ve been doing my best to continue to push my limits whilst not pushing myself too far. I guess another way I could put it is I’ve been trying to say no without feeling guilty about it. That’s mostly successful

I’ve also been trying to not let being anxious about a few things mean I didn’t do them. That’s mostly successful.

I did write a bit more about those things but I’m not convinced it made sense so I reached for the backspace key. I would rewrite it but the final thing I’ve been trying to do is fix my sleep pattern and go to bed when I’m tired. That’s not successful because I’ve had weird insomnia for two nights. I go to bed. I fall asleep much easier than when I stay up. Then several hours before my alarm I wake for the loo (not unusual) and can’t get back to sleep despite feeling exhausted (maybe due to still being a touch low on iron?). But I will continue on.

And on that note it’s my bedtime.

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