Random Bullet Points of Life

+ It’s been ridiculously long since I last finished a book. Too busy writing. I started a book at the hospital on Wednesday but couldn’t concentrate on it. It’s a good book I think just too distracted at the hospital.

+ I went to wheelchair services on Wednesday and got a new pommel put in my cushion. The OT also adjusted my footplates to what she thought would be a better position to me. She did one and I was all it’s too high, my knees feel like they’re up around my boobs. But I asked her to change the other just to see and once they were both set to the same height that feeling went. It’s different but it’s not bad. I really like the new pommel though so that’s good.

+ By the time I left the hospital on Wednesday night, several of the admin staff for that section of the hospital, the duty lead nurse for the entirety of the hospital, the duty manager of the ambulance service, several of the nurses and the ward clerk for the inpatient ward of the section of the hospital I go to were all aware of my existence and the fact I was having serious problems (transport got me there really late so I missed my slot to go home – I actually wasn’t at the hospital at the time I was meant to go home). Not to add the fact that I was already seeing the head of wheelchair services because of my previous appointment and those issues. What was really nice about that was they advocated for me so getting it sorted took loads of energy but I wasn’t constantly on them to do something which would have taken more energy. I’ve complained about this and wheelchair services have also reported an incident. As I said it’s really nice not to be fighting alone.

+ On Tuesday I went to a free talk about how they are going to demolish the power station. It was really interesting but I’ll be sad to see the power station go, it’s such a landmark locally. And as a child it was how we always knew we were home. Several of my local friends have similar stories. For us it was always “the holiday isn’t over until you can see the chimney pots.” They showed an animation of how they intend to take it down and what I took to be a sad “ooooh” went round the room each time one of the towers fell.

+ Yesterday I went to a warm up gig of Jon Richardson. I really enjoyed his set. The name of his warm up act escapes me but I didn’t enjoy him as much (but he still managed to be better than either Shappi Khorsandi or Andi Osho both of whom were terrible earlier this year and who mum and I use as a scale to judge comedians by. Shappi was the worst).

+ Tomorrow we have tickets to see Gyles Brandreth. I’m not sure what to expect.

+ And finally talking of gigs, a couple of weeks ago mum and I went to see Mark Thomas. He was absolutely brilliant. And mum liked him a lot too which I was really pleased by because I’d not been sure what she’d think as he’s quite political and it’s more satire than regular stand up.

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  1. BUSY wow wore me out reading it Mmmm now I know why I don’t blog. Went to work for 11.5 hours came home laid downfor 11.5 hours went back to work…Oh Gwanne Ange you love it really

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