Gracie’s War by Elaine Everest

I received a copy of Gracie’s War by Elaine Everest to review.

Do our actions and decisions mark us and stay with us for the rest of our lives? Gracie has her life before her as the dark clouds of the Second World War gather.

Though she and her family cope well with the stresses on the home front, Gracie’s transformation to adulthood is swifter and more brutal than she could have ever imagined.

Gracie meets Tony, who arouses such feelings in her that she has never experienced before – not with Joe her regular beau who considers her his girl. Then, one night, one mistake, and she realises she is carrying Joe’s child.

And now Tony has gone to war.

I really like fiction set in and around this time period (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that many times before) so not only did I think the story sounded intriguing but I was extra keen due to its setting.

Gracie’s War is a very short book. In fact I’d say it’s too short. It covers all the highlights of the story and hits them well but there are multiple time jumps of months or years in the book and that makes it seem rushed in places. There would be a twist in the story and I’d wonder how they would get out of it but then it would skip a year forward and you would miss what could have been a great part. So as much as I liked this story it didn’t hit the mark for me.

One aspect I really enjoyed was the scenes around D-Day. Without posting spoilers I can’t say too much but it really showed Gracie’s spirit and also the strength of her relationship with her dad (who was one of my favourite characters). I think this was one of the strongest parts of the book.

Her enduring friendship with Peggy was also brilliant and added to my enjoyment. I’m not sure I have a friendship like that but then I doubt many people do nowadays. Gracie and Peggy make and adapt clothes. Their skill and enthusiasm made me want to inject new passion into my own (currently languishing) crafting. Which is a good thing although I must admit not something I expected to come from reading Gracie’s War

Gracie’s War is only available as an ebook and at the prices I’m seeing at the moment well worth the money if you want an easy, quick, and for the most part enjoyable read to take your mind off of Christmas.

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