I’ve been thinking a lot about the start of a new year and New Years resolutions and such like. I’m not making any. I’m also not setting a focus word for this year. I know that in 2012 my focus word was courage. I can’t remember if I had one for 2013 or what it was. If I had one I didn’t blog it. And if 2014 had one it would be confidence I think. Or maybe write. But I don’t really want to declare anything. I’m trying to be more chilled and not stress myself out unnecessarily. So why set New Years resolutions or focus that I’m unlikely to meet and get stressed about?

That said I do have some goals. Short term ones and one longer one, most of which I’ve been working on since the beginning of December or before. Little things that are measurable like knit or crochet three projects before buying more yarn, you have too much. Read Anna Karenina by the end of January, that sort of thing. If I was going to get all technical and jargon like I could say they were SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time limited).

I took a bit of a deliberate break from my blog in December. But now it’s January I’m planning to get back at it with a vengeance. I’m hoping to making this much more of a book blog this year although I will obviously still blog about other stuff as it comes to mind.


(Image is a dark red square. The white text reads book bloggers new year challenge 2014. Underneath in says Day 1 your blogger resolutions and then underneath that it says parajunkee.com)

Having said all I’ve said I did think it would be fun to take part in the Book Blogger New Year Challenge

So here are my blog resolutions:

Write more often. When I got my WP stats for last year, I was surprised to see I’d only written 110 blog entries, I’d been convinced I’d posted more often.

Meet new bloggers. Both online and in person. I seem to still be reading several of the same blogs I was in 2009 and frankly some of them bore me now. I need new blog reading material.

Properly figure out how to do wordpress layouts and create my own. I want a layout that’s more me.

Comment more on other blogs. I get frustrated by how low my comments are but at the same time I suck at commenting on other blogs and how can I expect people to do what I don’t?

Blog abut everything I read even if it’s only in passing. Especially the things I don’t finish. I’ve been wondering lately just how many books I’ve abandoned. Bet it’s higher than I think. It is.

Highlight disability in fiction more.

4 thoughts on “2014”

  1. I love meeting bloggers! For me it changes how I view their blog bc their personality comes out so much more.

    One of the things I plan on working on this summer is figuring out some WordPress stuff. I love WordPress, but there is definitely a big learning curve.

    Happy New Year and may 2014 be awesome!

  2. Quote:
    Meet new bloggers.
    Comment more on other blogs.
    Highlight disability in fiction more.

    N.1 & 2 are among my top priorities as well. The third is surely important, and I for one would like to read more about that.

    Any chance one can follow you by email? 🙂

  3. I like the idea of one word summing up your goals for the year. My word is balance and not just in terms of blogging but in regards to my whole life. I tend to get obsessive about things and drop other things quickly. This year I want to find some middle ground and do all the things I want to do.
    Good luck with your goals. I find the more I comment, the more new blog friends I make so I hope that works for you too.

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