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One of the things I want to do on my blog this year is bring back the “Self Care Sunday” feature I did for a month or two in 2013. I think it’s been very useful for me in a number of ways but particularly with my mental health. It’s just like a weekly check in with myself about how well I’ve done at taking care of myself in the past week. I am not very good at that. I am very good at taking care of others, listening to their problems and their woes and helping with solutions – it’s the CAB adviser in me, someone mentions being low on money and I wonder if they need a benefit check, a problem at work – often those solutions will be in the form of suggesting they come into the bureau or telling them about the self help website we have. But coffee with friends has often turned into in depth discussion of the best way to fill out a benefit form, the sort of support that you can get from different organisations that sort of thing. Those tend to be more of a lived experience thing because being disabled I’ve been there, done that as they say. But what I really need to do (and I was doing for a while but it seemed to slip as soon as I stopped doing my weekly self care Sunday blog) is apply some of that same care and attention to myself.

This week hasn’t been the week that I planned. But for once that’s for good reasons. Mostly social ones too which is also good because I think I’ve been hibernating a bit much lately as the depression makes me feel like going out is just too much effort. It still feels a bit like that but I seem to be pushing through it and noticing that I enjoy it and feel better when I get there.

So on Wednesday I had lunch with a sort of new friend. We’ve known each other for a couple of years through our craft group. But we’ve not done anything solo before or other than that. So it was a new thing and I got to know her better but not the awkward newness of someone you don’t know. Self care also played a role there in the choice to have the burger and chips I really wanted but to decide against the cheesy garlic bread I always get as well. Small steps to being healthier in many ways.
Thursday I bumped into a friend on my way to the supermarket. We got a drink in the coffee shop. I said yes to the chocolate chip shortbread but no to my initial “oh I could have some chips and not have tea” thought.
Friday I popped to my parents house briefly and then my mum came round so I could show her how to use eBay. This was as stressful as you can imagine. I slotted an extra go in my standing frame while she was round. Then I took the worlds longest nap at around three hours (I had a raging sore throat)
Saturday I decided not to leave the house at all. My sister came round and we chatted for ages. We also played on the new Just Dance game I got for Christmas (I’m making exercise a priority this year and I’ve used it everyday so far) and I also snuck another go on the standing frame, making three days running which I’m really pleased about. My quads do seem pretty tight though which does surprise me a bit.
Today I had coffee with the same friend I saw on Wednesday which was fun. I suspect that’s going to be a regular occurrence which surprises me. I got a breakfast sandwich which was super yummy but my throat still hurts so it was a bit disappointing from that point of view. I wanted more of the chocolate chip shortbread but said no. Then I lay down to listen to a bit of my audiobook and slept for a ridiculous number of hours again. I feel fine in myself just tired after my busy week but my throat is still bothering me (although less so then it did).

So I’ve been really social this week which is a good form of self care for me as I think I feel worse when I spend too much time by myself. That said however I do feel a bit like I need a day when I don’t need to be social pretty soon! At the same time I’ve managed to make slightly healthier choices, take my meds each day, exercise each day and write each day.

It’s been a good week and I think I’ve done a good job with the self care. Here’s to the next one!

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  1. Wow…you are inspiring…..I was disappointed you stopped ‘Selfcare Sunday’ and very pleased to see you pick it up. I know we should all do this. It is part of the ‘golden rule’ cos you can’t ‘Do unto others’ till you know how to look after yourself. The stuff about being a helpmate really resonated with me….except you are the one who brings a bit of balance to my life because you help me!

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