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Going to London

Wednesday, mid morning my mobile rang.  It was a friend of mine who works for one of the organisations I volunteer with.  She was calling in her professional capacity with good news.  A project I organised and ran has been shortlisted for some form of award.  The ceremony is in London, in February. Did I want to go?

Obviously I said yes straight away.  We chatted a bit more and then said goodbye. I spent some time looking up the venue online and being excited and then got on with my day.

Yesterday, a bit before 5pm my mobile rang again.  It was still in my bag where I’d been out all day and I missed it.  I’d just gotten to where I’d left my bag and picked it up to hunt my mobile out when my landline rang – the same person who’d just called my mobile.

“Hi is that Emma?” the unknown voice said.  I said it was and she continued “it’s such and such from so and so publishers, you expressed interest in one of our reader workshops and I just wanted to check when you might be available. We’re thinking [these dates] and we’re in London near Leicester Square.”  We chatted a bit more and she told me they’d be in touch when they settled on a date. Then as she was saying goodbye she mentioned they wouldn’t be able to cover my travel expenses but I’d get a big goody bag with lots of books (I’m not sure our definition of lots of books will be the same). I said I was happy with that. We said goodbye.

I spent sometime online trying to figure out exactly where they are and how I’d get there (I still haven’t quite pinned it down as I can’t until I have details but there are options). And being very excited.

I just spoke to my mum and she said “have they got wheelchair access” and I realised I was so excited I forgot to ask. Oops. I did mention I used a wheelchair however but just in passing and they may not have registered it.

And I tell you what if I get to the end of today without another surprise phone call offering me a day out in London I’m going to be very disappointed!

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  • Angela Harding

    Very proud of you and hope all your plans go well……knowing your experience there are bound to be hiccough s on the way…..but it will be fun…

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