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A Bookish Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Reasons Why I Read

Last week when I was checking out some of the other blogs who take part in Thursday Thirteen, I came across Amy from A Simple Love of Reading’s list of Thirteen Reasons why she reads.  Some of her reasons are very different to mine and I thought it would be fun to do my own list this week. Coming up with thirteen was an interesting challenge because in some ways it was too many – I could sum it up in one very broad reason which is – I just love it.  But also when I started getting into specifics narrowing it down to just 13 reasons was a challenge. I realise my saying 13 was both too many and too few reasons makes little sense but it’s true.

Thirteen Reasons Why I Read

  1. Because it’s relaxing and a way of escaping from the drudge and stress of everyday for a while
  2. As long as I’ve got something to read with me (and thanks to my phone and the Kindle app I have even on one of the rare occasions I don’t have an actual book on me) I’m never bored whilst waiting for friends, before appointments, on the train etc.
  3. Reading is a way of dealing with the demon depression when it gets bad. Years and years ago I remember saying to a counsellor that all I could manage to do was read a book – escaping into it was something I could do all the other things I needed to be doiing I couldn’t. She told me that was a good thing if I could concentrate on a book because she had many other patients who were so bad they couldn’t manage that. So now even if I feel bad and all I’m doing is reading I don’t beat myself up about that because it’s not as bad as it could be.
  4. Books take me places that I’ve never been or allow me to return to the places I’ve been and loved but can’t physically revisit. Australia, I’m looking at you.
  5. Biographies and memoirs are ways I can share the experiences of those who walk a similar path to me and let me know that I’m not the only one. I can also learn about those who lived before in a way that history can’t teach me and I can share the experiences of people who’ve done things I could never imagine achieving myself.
  6. The smell of a book.
  7. Bookshops. I can and I have whiled away many an hour hunting through a bookshop for something new and different that catches my eye.
  8. The sense of history when you go to the library or a charity shop or sometimes even just someones house and discover a really, really old book. It’s just magical (I wrote about more about that – with pictures – here
  9. Because, frankly, between actual books and my Kindle I have over 100 books I’ve not read but I still want more. I always will.
  10. The moment when I’m gifted a book (or sent it to review) and my heart sinks because it’s something I would never pick for myself like a paranormal romance but then when I make myself give it a go “for a few pages” and my heart lifts and I absolutely love it.
  11. There’s nothing better than going to a film (or watching a DVD) you know nothing about, loving it, and getting to the end seeing the words “based on the book by…” and picking it up. The book is always, always, better. Unless it’s Les Miserables. The musical was so much better than that book. Mostly because the edited all the extraneous crap out of it. But that was the exception that proves the rule.
  12. Rainy days with nothing to do snuggled under the duvet listening to it pour and experiencing another world or another time.
  13. Spending hours discussing books with friends and discovering new favourites or rediscovering old favourites with them.

Why do you read?


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