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Self care Sunday

I don’t really know how to explain what self care is this week.  I’ve done a lot of fun things and I saw a friend I’ve not seen for a few months earlier this week – I went to London to see her (she moved there about a year and a half ago) and we ended up going to the Tate Britain.  I was supposed to go to a workshop about books in the afternoon and had planned to meet up with her for a bit before.  But having been promised the details of the workshop “nearer the time” it got to a few days before and I knew nothing.  The little I did know was proving very difficult to track down how I could get there and I ended up sending an email saying i couldn’t attend because I didn’t have enough time to make the necessary arrangements.  I asked them to bear me in mind for future things.  And after not bothering to send me the details they didn’t even have the decency to email back and acknowledge the fact I wasn’t going.  Which pissed me off no end.  Then we decided to go to the Imperial War Museum but I found out the day before it’s closed for refurbishment again. So we ended up on something like plan c and going to the Tate Britain. It was good but I think I preferred the Tate Modern which I went to a few years ago. If I go there again I won’t be going with this friend though because apparently she really didn’t like the Modern.  And the bits of the Britain I liked she didn’t.  I enjoyed my day out but bits of it were pretty stressful and frustrating so I’m not sure it’s fair to call it self care.

I’ve been tired and sore since so I’ve been resting lots. I’ve done something to my back and it seems to have a big muscle spasm in it which isn’t helping with the sore and resting part of things. It’s still ouchy but much less so than it was so hopefully that will resolve soon.

I have been managing to read a lot this week but goodreads still tells me I’m behind.  Mostly I’m reading Anna Karenina which is pretty good but very very long.  I’m making sure to read a little bit of it everyday and then reading other stuff as well if I want to.  And not beating myself up how long it takes me to read this.

I actually think I might delete my goodreads challenge.  I’m not sure having a thing on there that tells me “you said you were going to read X number of books this year. So far you’ve read Y number of books making you Z books behind” is something I need or want. What does it help me achieve?  In fact the only reason I got anywhere near my goodreads challenge last year was because I changed the goal several times (mostly up but once down too) and I read a ton of really really short books some of which I read in an hour and read three of in a day.  Keeping the list on there but not the challenge would be a better idea I suspect.

Talking of challenges I am keeping up with my writing challenge of 750 words a day minimum.  Those 750 words are free writing, often a case of put fingers to keyboard and type with no filter.  It’s really interesting to see what comes up, I write about things I’ve been thinking about or dreams I’ve had or even just how much I really can’t be bothered to write.  Several times I’ve stopped and thought that bits could be adapted into some of my fiction or poetry to give it more colour and a realistic feel but I’ve not done anything with that.

Having said that the only reason I’m still doing the challenge is how close to the end of the month I am and the fact I don’t want it to be yet another thing I started doing each day this month and haven’t kept up (I think I’ve failed on all of the others).  At the moment I’m also signed up to do the challenge in February too but I might change that.  Or I might change that to do 750 words of fiction each day that month.  I’m not sure yet.

So that’s a bit of an update on my week but I’m really not sure what it actually says about my attempts at self care!

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  • Angela Harding

    Mmm yes I agree with your assessment. I am not sure that deciding not to beat yourself up over missed targets is positive enough for self care……and I agree that there is a point at which being told you haven’t made your target on your goodreads challenge is not only not motivating but it actually saps motivation. At the risk of adding to this de motivation can I ask as a challenge. What did you do on Sunday to spoil yourself after your quite tough week? There is not a mouthful of chocolate or a booked warm oil massage to be seen…..and how did you celebrate your writing acheivments? …maybe I need to bring chocolate on Friday

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