When Disabilities Collide

I recently met a disabled person I hadn’t met before. We were both at the same event. We spoke but only in the context of the group, about stuff to do with the event which had nothing to do with disability..   You know how they talk about gaydar? Well, if there’s such a thing as CP-dar this person really set mine off.  I don’t know that’s what their disability is but I’d put good money on their being a non-wheelchair using CP-er (or at least they weren’t using a chair at that point)

Today an email went round.  There’s this training workshop that sometimes happens.  The nearest place is London but this other disabled person apparently can’t get to London because of their disabilities and wants to go.  So the powers that be have discovered that if they can get a particular number of people who want to do it an extra one can be run locally. Did I want to do it?

Well, probably not.  I’ve not done this training workshop but I’ve done others and it appears this would cover a lot of the stuff I’ve done and is aimed more at beginners.  But at the point in time that email went round I didn’t know that.

What I did know was that I was gonna have to say no anyway if they moved it away from London.  Because I know the venue in London.  I’ve been there once before. Last time they paid for me to get a taxi to and from the station but I’ve also now figured out how to get almost all the way there on the tube due to going somewhere else so if I’m right about how close it is to there I could do that.

But I’m damned if I could figure out how I’d get to the small town about 15 miles away on the other side of the county.

I’m not going to do the course, now I’ve got the details it’s obvious not one I need to do.  Which is a really good thing because otherwise we’d have had two disabled people wanting to do it.

One who needed it to be moved out of London to somewhere locally to accommodate their disability and another (me) who needed it kept in London to accommodate their disability.

I think we can only call that when disabilities collide.  (Which is really making me think of the song “when love and hate collide”)

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