Random Bullet Points of Life

Random Bullet Points of Life: for those little things which are worth recording and remembering but which probably aren’t worth a blog to themselves.

I’m surprised to realise this is the first of these posts I’ve done this year.  I’ve never worked out how often I do them because there is no rhyme or reason but I’d sort of assumed it was more often than it’s been.

I had my hair cut this morning.  The hairdresser found a whack of toothpaste in my hair.

There was no Self Care Sunday post last Sunday because my blog went down. I went to bed and left it and magically when I got a chance to get online Monday lunchtime it was working again.

My Dad showed me a picture of my Gran, her two sisters and brother and her parents this evening.  With the exception of my Gran I never met any of them.  I’d not seen pictures of all of them either. It might have been taken at my great Grandparents Golden Wedding, he isn’t sure.  It’s a newspaper pic and I’m tempted to investigate it.

I’ve been in a really bad mood all day today. Mostly due to having to deal with other people.

I really really need to write a blog post about disability time.

For at least the last decade I’ve hated February because of the memories it brings.  It’s been a lot better this year.  I was surprised to realise this morning that the anniversary of one of the reasons I don’t like February was yesterday and I’d completely forgotten it.

Time for TV and knitting.

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  1. That was a real blog…it’s funny about unhappy months. All the time I lived with my mum and all the visiting after, every November my mum was blue…turns out her mum was blue too because my mum’s dad died in November when she was fourteen and what with that and Remembrance Sunday they both went into grief….my mum died 7 years ago but I have inherited the November blues….daft I know but that’s what family connections do….that is what I like about real blogs they help you connect

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