You Know You’re a Bookworm When…

Mum and I were wandering round Waterstones on Saturday.  We were wandering together but separately and before she went off to look at stuff I said to her not to buy anything without checking with me. That’s because lately we both seem to have bought copies of several books and that’s a bit of a waste.

So after a few minutes she hunted me down and showed me what she thought she’d get.  And I’d heard of it and wanted to read it but hadn’t got it.  It was on buy one get one half price so she was hunting for something else to go with it.  And she’d offered to buy me a book or two if they were on buy one get one half price.

She’s looking at books and I’m like that “I’ve got that on my kindle, it’s pretty good… Yeah don’t buy that I’ve got a paper copy…  You can’t buy that I’ve got that. Not read it yet but…” and so on. Probably six or seven books I did that with.

Then she’s settled on the book she really wants and a second she wants to give a go because it’s buy one half price.  And I’ve chosen a book but it’s buy one get one half price too so I’m having more of a look to see if there’s something else I’d like as well.

I reach for this book and I’m reading the back and I’m sure this is definitely the second book I want.  Then mum sees what it is and goes

“you can’t buy that, I’ve got that.”

In the end we decided to just get the book I really wanted and the book she really wanted.

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