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    Random Bullet Points of Life

    Posts for the little things worth remembering but which don’t need their own post. CAB is going to be closed on one of the days I’ve always volunteered there for at least this month.  So I’ve had to changed my times and days.  Switching from a Monday morning of seeing clients to a Monday afternoon of social policy isn’t a problem.  But I swear the way I’m going I’m going to forget to go in on Friday and see clients.  I keep thinking “I could do X on Friday” and then realising that no… I’m going to the bureau. Sailing starts tomorrow!  I didn’t think it was going to happen…

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    Stones by Polly Johnson

    Stones by Polly Johnson is a book aimed at the YA (young adult) market.  This is ebook only and was published by Harper Collins through their Authonomy programme. Sometimes when I’ve read books which have originally been published online on sites like authonomy or wattpad I think they aren’t great and need a much better edit before publication than they’ve had but I didn’t find that with Stones. The writing was good, the plot worked well and I didn’t notice any errors.  Which means the process worked well.  I received my copy of Stones free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Here is the synopsis: Coo is…

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    Fabric Fun

    On Saturday I went to a craft taster workshop on fabrics. If I’d been sensible and/or thought about it properly it probably would have occured to me that it wouldn’t be particularly good for my specific  CP. I’ve never been particularly sensible about such things so it never occurred to me. It wasn’t what I expect and I don’t think I’d go again. But I did manage to make something. A crap something, but something. A big part of that was that a friend of mine had also gone and so was able to do needle threading, pinning of fabrics and little bits like that which I couldn’t. I also…

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    Emma, Elsewhere

    I’ve been sitting on this post for a few days because I am expecting to have another link to share some point soon and thought I may as well do a two for one blog.  But as I’m not sure when that’s going up (or even if it definitely is although I’m told they like it) I thought I should probably post this before too much more time passes. I have a post up on Where’s The Benefit?  I think it’s the first time I’ve written over there since 2012.  It’s about the Citizen’s Advice campaign on ESA and it’s called Fit For Work?

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    You Know You’ve Got CP When…

    Went to get my blood pressure checked (normal and I suspect I’ve now had “white coat hypertension” added to my records given how very very high it was when I saw a new to me GP last week) and have some blood taken. The results of the bloods came back a few days later as “normal” which isn’t the most reassuring thing ever as I’d rather be told what they actually are along with the fact they’re normal. But that’s something to take up with the GP at a later date rather than the receptionist giving me the results. Anyway I was talking to the healthcare assistant about the fact…

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    I went to a mosaic making workshop last weekend. It was the third one I’ve done – the first one in a couple of years – and despite being a lot shorter it was a much better taster. I really enjoyed it and want to do more. My mum and a friend of ours came too and certainly my mum wants to do more too. She’s been talking about a trip to hobbycraft for supplies. Here’s the start of the piece I did.  It’s a relatively large square of MDF (about the right size to be a potholder) divided into nine squares with pencil lines (which mum drew for me). …

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    Emma, Elsewhere

    Time for my monthly visit over on Bea today.  I’ve been musing about blogging and my reasons for doing so in Why Blog? I think it’s a topic that bears more thinking about and probably more writing about too but that’s where I am on the topic right now.

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    A Disabled Day Out in London – A Poem

    (I was talking to a friend about my day out in London from a few weeks ago using it as an example for something else that I was a bit inspired by to write. She suggested that the day itself and what I was saying would make a good poem. I might still write the something else.) A Disabled Day Out In London Yes we do assisted travel here at station A (You’ll book but that won’t matter) You’ll request a push up to the train but we’ll walk off and ignore you   Yes we do assisted travel here at station B (You’ll book but that won’t matter) The…

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    Here’s (One) Two I made earlier

    At the end of January I did a clay sculpture workshop and made a bowl with a lid and a jug. I blogged about it and posted pictures of the work in progress (along with a finished picture of a tea light holder I’d made in the same workshop a couple of months before). That was in my post “absolutely filthy”, the title of which relates to what I said later that day when my mum asked me on the phone how I was (I truly was covered in clay as was my powerchair). Yesterday I picked up the finished objects after the tutor had fired them in her kiln,…

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    Writing Tips from Andrea Murray

    As well as answering some questions for me Andrea Murray, author of Omni, also sent me some writing tips. I’ve been finding my writing hard lately so I was hoping some writing tips might help.  I think they did but I also think I’m getting a bit obsessed with getting writing tips and I probably need to just spend less time reading about how to write and more time actually doing some damn writing. But before we get to Andrea’s tips here is a quote about writing I literally just found and really liked: “The secret of being a writer: not to expect others to value what you’ve done as…