I went to a mosaic making workshop last weekend. It was the third one I’ve done – the first one in a couple of years – and despite being a lot shorter it was a much better taster. I really enjoyed it and want to do more. My mum and a friend of ours came too and certainly my mum wants to do more too. She’s been talking about a trip to hobbycraft for supplies.


Here’s the start of the piece I did.  It’s a relatively large square of MDF (about the right size to be a potholder) divided into nine squares with pencil lines (which mum drew for me).  The beginning of the design I did is on here.  Full size, uncut tiles in royal blue, yellow and an orangey red.  The uncut tiles are 2cm by 2cm I think.


Just finished and starting to dry.  The PVA glue used to stick the tiles on is obvious in a few places.  As well as the whole tiles in the one above it’s now got some cut up tiles in different shades of red and yellow and some cut up crockery (which is white with a blue design) and some cut up mirror bits.  It’s a bit random and my mum had to help me get the last few bits on because we were running out of time to get them dried and on to the next step.


All of the mosaics people made in the workshop spread out on the floor in front of a heater to dry (also pictured: my feet).


My piece all covered in grout.  It’s very messy and unfortunately because some of the glue didn’t dry properly, some of bits have moved. I’m (jokingly) blaming those bits on my mother because the bits she did she smothered in glue then wondered if she’d used enough.


After starting to clean the grout off.


The last bit I did in the workshop was to take a dry cotton cloth and polish each of the tiles in order to get as much of the wet grout off of them as possible.  This was a process that had to be repeated a couple more times throughout the next day or so until it dried.  It was hard to know when to stop with that.  Once it had been dry for a day or so I had to do the same thing with a damp cloth.

Overall I like it but I’m not 100% happy with it.  It’s hard to do some brilliant in a taster session though so I’m trying to not be annoyed about that!

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