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Random Bullet Points of Life

Posts for the little things worth remembering but which don’t need their own post.

  • CAB is going to be closed on one of the days I’ve always volunteered there for at least this month.  So I’ve had to changed my times and days.  Switching from a Monday morning of seeing clients to a Monday afternoon of social policy isn’t a problem.  But I swear the way I’m going I’m going to forget to go in on Friday and see clients.  I keep thinking “I could do X on Friday” and then realising that no… I’m going to the bureau.
  • Sailing starts tomorrow!  I didn’t think it was going to happen because the pontoon has been broken but I’m now told that it’s not fixed but is useable.  The cynic in me isn’t convinced but we’re going to see.
  • Apart from weaving some of the ends in my mammoth knitting project is finished.  I think it needs to be bigger but several people disagree with me.  Pictures maybe when the recipient has it.  I weave starting ends in as I knit, must figure out a way of doing that with end ends if you know what I mean.  Still, that has cut the sheer number of ends to be dealt with in half (and there are loads of them)
  • Point four deleted as it got so long it needs it’s own post.
  • I bought my mum the Batman film boxset for mother’s day.  This caused much consternation from my siblings but she liked it.  We watched the first one last night which I hadn’t seen before. I’m undecided if I want to watch the rest.
  • Last time I was at the doctors the phlebotomist told me an NHS service which I had a bad experience with a few years ago had ended as far as I knew.  I was really relieved by that because I was the obvious candidate for it but for the fact they couldn’t handle my level of disability (or rather the fact I wouldn’t let them get away with their lack of access and inclusion) and I’d been concerned that one of the many new medics at my surgery would try and get me to go back (I’m pretty sure none of the medics who were at the surgery at the time I went there would.) Then my sister said she’d had an email about something else about a week before and it had included mention of that self same service. Blah.
  • Sometimes the online disability community really annoys me.  Other times I really like it.  At the moment I’m in the middle slightly off towards the “annoys” side.

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  • Angela Harding

    I am hanging on to the sailing…shortest bullet point but the most exciting (all being well) looking forward to a sailing post after what seems like a long off season

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