Spotted at the sailing club


The sunset at about 7:30 last night at the sailing club.  I love how blue the sky is in this despite how rapidly the last of the light was fading.  The reservoir is completely empty.


This is a close up of the same sunset taken a minute or so later.  Our accessible pontoon is clearly shown here as well as the sunset.  This picture feels darker because zooming in has removed a lot of blue of the sky.

Also spotted at the sailing club: an Emma having her first sail of the year.  Unexpected as there wasn’t any wind so it looked like it wouldn’t happen and then when I got on the water I thought I’d just stall and go nowhere.  I was proved wrong.  I didn’t think I’d manage to get these photos because the sun was fading so fast and I had to wait to be off the water, back in my chair, up on the level and in the car (and for my Dad to have put my chair in the boot because it was in the way) before I could take them.

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  1. yes on the big screen the long shot is best because of the fabulous blue in the sky…great night a photo of you on the water would be great too!!!

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