It feels like ages since I sat down to properly update my blog.  It hasn’t, actually, been ages.  Just over a week since I last updated my blog and a few days before that when I posted before that.  It has however been about two weeks since I posted update type general stuff.  Just haven’t felt like updating.  And I guess you could say I’ve been too busy living to write about it.  But that feels a bit pretentious. And wrong.

I went to London twice last week.  Once to a matinee of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.  It was good and I liked it but it’s not the best musical I’ve seen.  I’d rank the three I’ve seen this year 1) Wicked 2) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory 3) Ghost the Musical.  It only had one of the songs from the film (Pure Imagination) and it had been moved to a completely different part of the musical.  We also ended up going to Pizza Express for lunch which was nice and very randomly ended up wandering in Royal Festival Hall where we discovered a singing lift.  We went back after the show because we had some time to kill before my train and officially we’d gone in there to get a drink.  But we didn’t get a drink and did end up going all the way to the top and back in the singing lift so we could listen to the singing. I liked it – it was unexpected and fun.

Then on Saturday a friend of mine got married.  She had a really unusual wedding which included a pagan ritual of jumping over a broomstick.  Apparently if a couple jumped over a broomstick together they are considered married.  It was a very small wedding, mostly the groom’s family and three of us who were friends with the bride.  I enjoyed meeting his family a lot and would like to spend time with them again. It’s always good when you meet someone for the first time and the fact you’re spending a lot of time together doesn’t matter because you click.  I also liked the venue (it was the London Wetlands Centre which is a bit like a nature reserve by the Thames on the outskirts of London) but didn’t get to see much of it.  If I could figure out getting there on public transport I might go back with my powerchair and look at the place properly. Going to one of the other Wetlands Centres might be a better goal.  I know one of my local friends has been to another of theres several times but she didn’t grow up near here so I’m not clear how close it is (because I know she hasn’t been recently). We went to the pub after the ceremony which was also fun. I ordered garlic bread to start and seriously you’ve never seen anything like the pile I got given. I had to give half of it away.

The other things that have been going on are my normal volunteering, sailing and a fair bit of sitting outside reading.  My body appears to be wanting me to be sick but my “getting a cold” symptoms haven’t developed which is annoying because I’m just left not feeling 100%, coughing a fair bit and with a blocked nose but not feeling terrible and with no improvement or deterioration. But I’m glad it waited until my busy week last week was over before it happened.


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