You Know You’ve Got CP When…

I’ve had my hair in all sorts of lengths, styles and colours over the years.  But it’s been over two years since I last dyed it and I’ve just about grown my roots out. When people commented on my outlandish hair they’d sometimes ask if people stared. I used to joke that I dyed my hair purple or blue or pink or shocking red because people would always stare at me because of my chair so why not have my hair a crazy colour and give them something to stare at.  Putting it on my terms rather than theirs.  The last time I dyed my hair purple (not the last time I dyed my hair, that was a mahogany colour) was in 2011.  It was the night before I went for serial casting and I described it as a “coping strategy.” when asked about it.  I have unused bottles of dye in my bathroom in a variety of colours (at least four) because I keep buying the dye but not getting around to using it.  One day I will dye my hair again and it’ll probably be soon.  But soon doesn’t seem to have arrived just yet.

I’ve had my hair cropped short a couple of times, it’s been long several times and I’ve had a lot of short and long bobs.  I seemed to have spent years rocking the varient on a bob look. I was growing my hair for a long while, mostly because I liked the idea of having it up in a fancy style for my brother’s wedding.  His wedding was almost a year ago and my hair is still long.  I don’t really have any plans to get it cut short or into a different style anytime soon.  Part of me would like to get it cut properly short again.  But there are many reasons why I’ve decided against that.  Which mostly boil down to the upkeep of it.  It’s much harder to keep short hair looking good as it is long hair.  Plus, I like my long hair and being able to do different stuff with it.  This is probably the longest I’ve had my hair as an adult but I did have it about the same length for a while when I was at uni.

On Thursday I went to get my hair trimmed.  I’ve been getting it trimmed every two or three months for the last year or so.  I wouldn’t say I’m growing my hair any more because it’s really long now.  But I just go and ask them to trim it and stick the layers back in to give it shape.  At the same time I have been wondering vaguely about just stopping getting it cut for six months or so – my sister hasn’t had her hair cut for something like over a year and it doesn’t look like it’s harmed her any.  I’ve not made any decisions yet but was definite that a cut was required because if I’m keeping it this length it needed it and if I’m not how could I say “I haven’t had my hair cut for six months/a year/whatever” when I couldn’t have told you if it was January or February when it was last cut?

I go to the local drop in hairdressers and as she was brushing my hair ready to cut it I kept feeling her accidentally but gently knock the push handles on my powerchair.  Several times.  Because, it seems my hair is so long now that’s roughly where the ends of it are level with.  Having long hair already causes a stupidly minor wheelchair issue in that the odd bits of hair that shed tend to congregate and wrap around my castors. but it seems I have something else to consider when thinking about whether to let my hair get any longer or keep it like this or what to do.

I’m totally bemused by this.  It’s a wheelchair issue I never expected to have.  And well, you know you’ve got CP when your wheelchair suddenly plays a role in hair style choices.

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