A Jersey Affair by Georgina Troy

I received a free copy of A Jersey Affair by Georgina Troy in exchange for review.  The fact I received a free copy in no way influences my review but I do try to be fair. A Jersey Affair is book two in Georgina Troy’s Jersey Romance series which she describes as “a series of stand alone romance novels set in Jersey.”  I don’t think you need to read the first one, A Jersey Kiss, before reading this one.  I haven’t read it and it didn’t make any difference to my enjoyment of A Jersey Affair.  But that said I would like to read A Jersey Kiss.  Rumour has it book three in the series is A Jersey Bombshell and is coming out winter this year. I’ll look out for that too. Probably not go reaching for it the first day it comes out but I will keep an eye out for it because I’m intrigued about the bombshell

When shoe designer, Paige Bingham is jilted she decides to enjoy her honeymoon-for-one in Sorrento. What she doesn’t expect is to meet a mysterious entrepreneur, Sebastian Fielding, when she gets to Italy. The sting of her rejection slowly eases as he introduces her to the enchanting ancient sites he knows and loves.

Unfortunately, soon after Paige returns to her home on the island of Jersey, she discovers that not only is Sebastian’s company taking over the struggling store where her business is based, but that her concession is probably surplus to his requirements.

How can Paige stop her fledgling business from going under? And what can she do to quell the gossip now that the paparazzi have published their untruths about ‘A Jersey Affair’?

I liked A Jersey Affair.  It was interesting and had a nice feel to it.  I doubt it’s going to be one of my top ten books of the year should I decide to write such a list but it’s definitely a good book and I’m glad I read it. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes chicklit and wants something easy going to while away a few hours with.  As much as I do like a book that challenges me and I can get my teeth stuck into now and then having spent a lot of time over the last few weeks reading that sort of book it is always lovely to read something for pure escapism and A Jersey Affair fulfilled that brief very well.  Finishing it off after a stressful several hours yesterday sorting out benefit paperwork was the perfect Sunday night wind down.

At the start of this book I didn’t think I was going to like it very much.  Sebastian annoyed me a lot and Paige seemed to trust him too much too soon in my eyes.  But maybe I’m just a misery and not very trusting! It improved a lot very quickly and I was able to overlook that. In the end I did like find it to be a good book. I did guess one or two of the twists in it but even then it still managed to suprise me with them coming sooner than I expected and happening in different ways to the cliche chick lit standard format I’d expected, which added to my enjoyment.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been blogging about books too long and that my reviews are getting a bit stale and samey especially when I’m reviewing a book like this. It’s easy to find ways of expressing how much I hated a book or to gush about an absolutely amazing life changing book (not that I’ve read any books that fall into this category since probably last year) but when it’s a book like A Jersey Affair which I really liked and am more than happy to recommend I feel like I need to find new ways of saying “hey this was a good book and you should read it.”  But you know what?  This was a good book, it was well written and enjoyable and if you read fiction (I know a couple of my readers don’t – I still haven’t figured out what it is they do with all their time if they aren’t reading) there are worse things you could do than read A Jersey Affair.  And it’s probably a poor thing for a writer to say but if that’s a stale and predictable and boring thing to write I don’t really care – it’s the truth.

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