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    Random Bullet Points of Life

    This is random bullet points of life 14. I thought for sure it’d be something like the 19th one.  Obviously I don’t do this sort of entry as often as I’d like. I said I’d update this Sunday and I would have done but my internet has been mostly down since Sunday night.  So I’ve been relying on using my phone as a portable wifi hotspot and not online as much as I’d like. It’s frustrating because I’ve some online paperwork to do and I can’t. I went sailing in the rain tonight. It wasn’t a good idea. Basically everyone who went out before they called it off was then…

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    Written in the Stars by Ali Harris

    (Yes, another book review. Yes, this is still meant to be a blog about more than books. I’m going to post something that isn’t about books eventually tomorrow. But my life lately seems to have revolved around doing boring run of the mill stuff and reading good books so why not blog about them and share the love?) I received a free ARC of Written in the Stars by Ali Harris from NetGalley. It’s being published on 5th June.  I’ve read all of Ali’s previous books (Miracle on Regent Street, The First Last Kiss and A Vintage Christmas) – she’s another author that I first became aware of via book…

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    Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon

    I received a free ARC of Thirteen Weddings by Paige Toon in exchange for this review.  It feels like ages since I’ve had an advance copy of a book and reading it was a lovely way to spend yesterday evening and this afternoon because not only is it a great book, it’s a great book not many other people have had a chance to read yet.  It’s out on 22nd May if reading my review tempts you.  This isn’t the first of Paige Toon’s books that I’ve read – two I’ve reviewed are Baby Be Mine and One Perfect Summer.  I have a couple of Paige’s other books including her…

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    Perfect by Rachel Joyce

    I received a review copy of Perfect by Rachel Joyce via NetGalley. I’m not compensated for this review beyond my free copy and this review is in no way influenced by the fact I was asked to write it. Here is the synopsis: In 1972, two seconds were added to time. It was in order to balance clock time with the movement of the earth. Byron Hemming knows this because James Lowe has told him and James is the cleverest boy at school. But how can time change? The steady movement of hands around a clock is as certain as their golden futures. Then Byron’s mother, late for the school…

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    Unwell by Marie Chow

    Today I’m taking part in the blog tour for Unwell by Marie Chow.  She kindly sent me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.  I also had an interview with Marie which I posted in a separate post earlier today. This is the synopsis from Amazon and I actually think Unwell is better than this makes it seem it will be: (I think I’ve read a different synopsis somewhere else maybe?) How do you tell your child that you won’t be there when they grow up? UNWELL is the raw, honest story of a mother who writes to her unborn child, sharing her decision of choosing not to…

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    An Interview with Author Marie Chow

    I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of Unwell by Marie Chow to review. That will be up later today. Marie was kind enough to answer some questions for me too. I have to post the review and the interview in separate posts to stop them being ridiculously long. And I got too distracted by facebook to get both sorted out before my lunch is ready! Ooops! This is probably a tricky one but can you describe Unwell in six words or less?   In Memory of a Failed Life   Where did the idea for Unwell come from? I had a moment of panic when I was…

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    Hate isn’t Funny Part Three

    It’s not really appropriate to call this post Hate Isn’t Funny part three because I don’t think it was really about hate just about clueless people not thinking things through properly.  But the two posts I wrote on the same subject in February were about hate and I called them Hate isn’t Funny so it feels right to use that title for this and continue the series even if it probably isn’t the best title for this particular anecdote. /end nonsensical ramble about blog titles. Back in February I went to see Omid Djalili and his show was quite ableist and frankly in a couple of places full of hate. …

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    Shades of Titanic

    Sailing was rubbish last night and I wish I hadn’t gone. But there were definite shades of Titanic to the evening.  Because by the end of the evening we had someone doing a “king of the world impression” and a boat with a hole in it.  Plus I swear I heard one of the kids who was also on the water singing part of My Heart Will Go On

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    Not such an equal “ism” #BADD2014

    There is a project called Everyday Sexism.  It was started by a journalist on twitter.  It describes itself as Documenting experiences of sexism,harassment and assault to show how bad the problem is & create solidarity. I know of it through twitter (there account is @everydaysexism and the hashtag is #EverydaySexism) but they also have a website.  It’s had quite a lot of attention online and in the media and a lot of people are participating in it. The tweets on the hashtag are an interesting mix between the harrowing, the role your eyes and nod your head in frustrated recognition and a nice smattering of friendly support and community in…