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This evening I’ve been thinking about the fact that blogs are just a snapshot and no one ever gets the full picture. Particularly in my blogs because I try very hard to allow others to be anonymous or protect their privacy in what I write.  So much so that I’ve been known to go back to entries I wrote on here months or years ago and not have any idea what I was eluding too in my cryptic entries.

After a week+ with no internet I got a new router and got it working this morning.  There are a couple of topics I’ve been thinking about writing during that week but this morning I was feeling angry at the world about various different things and I started writing about that.  But I didn’t post it because it was just basically “rah angry” and didn’t make much sense.  It’s in drafts, I’ll probably delete it when I finish writing this.

I’ve since found something else out about one of the things I was angry about and it makes so much more sense.  I’m frustrated by a different but related issue now. Plus, it was basically gossip and I think the person who told me probably wanted a reaction out of me. Which they got to a certain extent at the time but I shouldn’t give them one on my blog too.

So I’m reminded that I should never blog in anger.  But that’s a resolution I’ll probably break.  Just as soon as I get pissed off again.



  • Angela Harding

    Based on this blog I am not quite sure whether too suggest you go in for writing detective novels or become a comedy writer…either way it is very entertaining and made me laugh…was it meant to?

  • Fran Macilvey

    I agree, it is not a good idea to blog in anger, but a bit of well-phrased, cool, righteous indignation never did anyone any harm. Don’t worry too much about what people say. It is hard sometimes, I know.

    All the best!

    Fran xx 🙂

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