Random Bullet Points of Life

  • It feels a bit soon for another Random Bullet Points of Life entry but I have things to say and none of those things are long enough for an entry to themselves.


  • I realised the other week that I’ve been seeing a lot of the same one or two friends but haven’t seen some of my others in forever.  So I’m trying to rectify that this month.  I had a drink (sneaky mid afternoon Sunday glass of wine) with a friend this afternoon and we talked writing and life and general stuff.  I see that friend fairly regularly in a group but it’s been months since we’ve been out for a drink just us and been able to chat properly.


  • I can’t remember if this made it onto my blog or not but I don’t think it did: last weekend was the Oxford Challenger Regatta.  It’s the only regatta I’m taking part in this year.  I came second (of two) at my level and won a gift voucher.  I also came last over all.  Both of these things are situation normal and not a big deal.  I also tried to race by myself for the first time and had a panic before the race even started resulting in my being towed in, getting a buddy on board and going back out.  I just missed the start but was over the line within the required time.


  • Anxiety is a big problem right now.


  • People who make well meaning but rude and discouraging comments can basically fuck off.  This has happened several times lately and I am just done with the “they didn’t realise what they said” and “well their heart was in the right place.” assumptions and excuses. [several sentences of generally irrelevant waffle on this subject deleted]


  • Having blogged a couple of months ago about the fact the five year “life” of my manual is coming to an end but I don’t intend to ask for a new one but keep the one I’ve got I’m now debating if I do actually need a new one.  Or at least I need a few bits replacing (definitely one of my laterals, the other is beginning to go and my seat sling might be getting a bit old) so I’m wondering if a new chair might be a better idea

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