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The good thing about blogging is it’s an easy way to look back in years to come and be reminded of things you might otherwise have forgotten.  I’ve not been very good about blogging those moments lately and I need to improve on that!

I could blog about a very funny moment at sailing yesterday when one of the other sailors drove past us with their dog in the car on their way out of the car park. It was hilarious and me, my Dad and the friend we give a lift home too were all killing ourselves laughing.  And about five minutes later I started giggling about it again because I just couldn’t help myself.  But that’s one of the things that’s only funny if you know the person in question, what car they drive and about their dog.  And if you were there.  So given those facts and the fact I try to make sure other people aren’t identifiable on this blog unless they’ve said it’s ok I won’t.

But I will share this story. It’s already been on facebook but for memory making it’s better on here.

my mum comes round once a week and helps me clean (I give her some of my DLA for that). She asked me what to do with some stuff and I said “throw it” meaning bin it. She threw it (a big handful of stuff) up in the air and it went all over my bedroom and only realised when I laughed what I’d meant.


  • Angela Harding

    I love people who have the capacity to lighten the moment. It reminded me of how serious I am. Close friends and family have often told me to ‘lighten up’. It must be great to have someone who can bring a smile and a giggle when they visit. The records I keep are ‘stupidly serious’ like training, conferences, sermons. The important one is my prayer diary but nowhere do I record the hilarious moments so good pointer for me.

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