You Know You’re a Bookworm When…

…you look at your twitter profile.  And the bit where it says “joined July 2008” catches your eye.

And you think not “oh wow have I really been on twitter for six years?” but “oh that means it’s six years since I read The Time Traveller’s Wife.”

Because I initially joined twitter so I could post updates when I went up to Rutland Water and took part in my first regatta (the sailability multiclass).  And whilst I was there I was also reading The Time Traveller’s Wife.  A bit whilst the others were on the water and I wasn’t because it was too much for me – although mostly at that point I was watching and chatting to others – but mostly in the evenings in that hotel room.

From what I recall was a very good book. But that’s why it’s weird because I’ve never reread it – I’ve not wanted to.  I’m not even sure I’ve still got the book.  And I’ve not seen the film.  It remains a good book with some brilliant portrayals of disability yet I’d not thought about it in forever until I saw that little line on my twitter profile and immediately remembered that I was reading The Time Traveller’s Wife that weekend when I first went to a regatta and I first joined twitter.

And for posterity my first ever tweet:

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