One with a Blue Cover

If I stuck a “The” on the front of the title of this blog entry it would sound like an episode of Friends.  Having realised this I’m now wondering what would happen in the Friends episode The One With A Blue Cover.

This is perhaps the most tricky of the prompts because it’s not about what I liked in the book or a favourite author or the memories it brings.  It’s just about the colour of the cover.  Specifically blue covers. I have many books in my house with a blue cover it turns out.  Although probably a few less than yesterday when I donated I think 30 books to the charity shop.  Needless to say if you hadn’t seen my bookshelves recently you wouldn’t think any books were gone from there.  It’s a safe bet to say I could easily donate at least another 30 and still be somewhat drowning in books.  Although as my Mum keeps telling me books are for enjoying and there’s more to that than just reading them.

I thought about several different books with blue covers but they all had reasons why I decided against them. Like one of them I’ve not finished reading yet and I’d been planning before I started this set of prompts to include it in a different post I’m planning on.  And one I’ve already mentioned in an earlier prompt.


schoolinspectorcallsI decided to make my book with a blue cover The School Inspector Calls! by Gervase Phinn which is the third book in his Little Village School series (I believe he might have written another book with a very similar title about his experiences as a school inspector.  But The Little Village School books are the only ones of his I have read).

I picked up The Little Village School (AKA the first book in the series) on a whim one May day last year when it was £1.99 in Sainsburys and seemed like it was worth a punt.  I blew through it that day even though I didn’t really have a lot of time for reading.  I then spent ages waiting for the second book – Trouble at The Little Village School to come out in paperback and checking the kindle store often in case the price dropped.  Then I got it and I’m pretty sure I blew through that one in a day as well.  I was very much the same with The School Inspector Calls! as well.  In fact probably a bit more obsessively checking kindle to see if it had dropped in price in the days before the paperback was due out.  And then I had to fly into sainsburys to get it on the day it came out because the kindle price and paperback price on Amazon were more than they were likely to be in there.  I didn’t really have time for that in between the bureau and a guy coming after two o’clock to fix my oven but I’m glad I made the time.

And I read this book in one day too.

These are fun easy books but not frothy ones.  I know people that would look down on them for lacking in substance and not being literary or worthy.  But you know what?  They feel good and reading them makes me feel good.  And that’s what reading is all about.


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