Least Favourite Book By a Favourite Author

I can’t decided what my least favourite book by a favourite author is.  Mostly because I can’t pick an author.

I’m very out of sorts this evening and that doesn’t help.

And of course I don’t think I have a favourite ever author I’ve read every single one of their books and I go buy the next one the very second it comes out and drop everything to read it immediately any more.

I’d be a bit like that if John Green wrote another book.  But I’ve not read everything he’s written.  I’m putting off reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson because I don’t want to have read everything he’s written and not have anything left waiting for me to try for the first time.  I really should just suck it up and read it because I’m sure it’ll be good and there’s no point waiting for a special day to read it.  Perhaps I’ll take it on the train tomorrow.  But immediately I’m thinking no to that.  So I probably won’t.

My least favourite John Green book is hard to pick because I’ve enjoyed them all a lot.  The Fault In Our Stars was my favourite, closely followed by An Abundance of Katherines.  If I had to pick a least favourite it’d pretty much just be a coin toss between the other two (Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska) and I think I’ll go with Looking for Alaska.

Listing Looking for Alaska as my least favourite book by a favourite author might give the wrong impression though because it was still a good book and I enjoyed reading it and thought it had a great story line.  The others were just marginally better.  Very marginally.


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  1. This post has really made me think…when did I give up fiction and why? I have two books on the go at the moment both about angels..suppose you might call that fiction. You always have such enthusiasm for the writers Emma; yet I am so intense but boring that the nearest I have got is reading another Hannah Hurnard to see if I could read it to my granddaughter…..oh yes and I read Transformers to my grandson …oh dear

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