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Doesn’t Belong To Me

At last a prompt that feels like I can answer it without too much thought or worrying.  Plus, I’m getting back to my plan of scheduling these posts in advance writing this Friday night ready to post automatically Saturday morning so I can have a day without the internet.

I looked to see what the next prompt was and wondered “A book that doesn’t belong to me?”

It came to me immediately.

The book that doesn’t belong to me is in my lounge, on my standing frame.  It’s a copy of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and it belongs to my mum.

I bought it for her for Christmas last year because I’d heard so much good stuff about it from bookish twitter people.  And I’m glad I did.  Because it’s a ridiculously huge 700+ page hardback book that’s heavy in both it’s actual form and in a way in it’s content.  But it’s a good story that’s hard to put down and despite being roughly half way through I don’t even have any guesses about how it’s going to turn out.  I’m finding it slow going to read it because I have to be in the mood for it and I’ve not read any for two weeks (in part because a book I was desperate to read came out and I put it aside to read that).  But it’s a book I want to finish and I will do at some point.  That point might just take a while to get here.

I think my mum liked it.  Although her two comments were it’s hard (physically) to read because of it’s size – but she likes to read sitting up in bed.  I read it either lying down in bed, sitting at the table in my garden or in my powerchair tipped back (not always, just what I do with big chunky books) so it’s less of an issue.  And that in places the description feels like it gets a bit wordy.  Which is definitely true.

Still it’s a good book – and maybe not one I’d have bought for me.  Definitely not one I’d have bought for me in hardback like I did for mum.


  • The Goldfish

    We’re also around half way through the Goldfinch. Our trouble is that we’re reading it out loud to each other. Stephen loves Donna Tart (so do I now, but he introduced me) and we’ve read The Secret History and The Little Friend out loud to each other in this way. Unfortunately, this year has been particularly chaotic so far, and the Goldfinch is massive, so it’s taking us much longer than other books we’ve read together.

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