The One I Always Give As A Gift

I can’t think of one book I “always” give as a gift.


I’ve given many books as gifts.  Books are my favourite gifts to give.   And I’m sure there probably are books that I’ve given to more than one person.  There are books I’ve recommended to more than one person, definitely.


Best I can do for this is if it’s a book it’s a gift.  I bought my Dad a book for his birthday and again for Father’s Day.  I bought my Mum and my sister books for Christmas.  I can’t remember what I got my sister for her birthday (actually, after a pause after writing that sentence and a few minutes thought I remembered – I got her some gardening stuff).  Birthday stuff for my brother will have to remain unmentioned in case he reads this because it’s his birthday this week.

Tell me someone needs a gift, let me loose in Waterstones or Foyles or any other book selling location and I’m happy.  Plus I’ll get them a book they’ll love.  Usually at least one for me too.  If I have a choice of two books to give someone as a gift I get the one I want to read the most and borrow it when they’re done. My sister in law doesn’t read very much (or at least not that I hear about) and that always stumps me.  What the hell am I going to get her for Christmas/birthday/whatever if books are out of the running?! Plus, how can she not read and what on Earth does she do with her spare time if she’s not reading?!

My buying books for presents is so ingrained that when my Dad mentioned in passing to Mum that I’d ordered her Mother’s Day present from Amazon and was hoping it would come in time she got really annoyed with him because she thought that meant it had to be a book and now she knew I’d gotten her a book – apart from the fact that for once it wasn’t a book and I’d actually bought her some DVDs.

But I couldn’t imagine having just one book I “always” give as a gift.  Because there are so many different books out there and so many different people.  There’s too much choice for just one book to suit every person and every possible gift giving occasion.

2 thoughts on “The One I Always Give As A Gift”

  1. Well I suppose this challenge made us think but you are so right …a gift requires thought if it is to have value so why would someone buy the same book for more than one person? Oh dear except I did, last month, but I am not expecting to do it again.

  2. I’m afraid I have given away the same book to several people when I’ve been very enthusiastic about it… then later, when the phase has passed, thought better of it. I remember I loved The Seeds of Greatness by Jon Carter – it’s a funny book and a good read, but I remember one year I gave away three or four copies and on reflection, my response to it was quite personal and it may not have struck the same note with anyone else.

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