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Have More Than One Copy

A quick entry tonight.

The books I have more than one copy of (or the ones I’m chosing for this, there are a couple of others I have more than one copy of because of being given them as gifts or because in one case I have audio and print copies) are Geek Girl by Holly Smale and Geek Girl 2: Model Misfit by Holly Smale.

I had review copies on my kindle for both of those and I totally loved them.  My review for Geek Girl and for Model Misfit.  For the first time ever I was somewhat disappointed that I had e copies because I couldn’t lend them to the people I raved about them to.  And I know at least one person who would probably love them but equally wouldn’t be in the YA section of the book shop to see them.  Then I heard that e-ARC’s from NetGalley expire.  Which it now appears isn’t true if you have Kindle editions.  But of all the e-ARCs I’ve had from NetGalley these were the only two I was bothered about losing.

I was debating buying paper copies. But there were always books I hadn’t read to buy so I was putting it off.

Then the third Geek Girl book, Picture Perfect came out.  And I couldn’t resist sticking copies of Geek Girl and Model Misfit in my amazon order along with a copy of Picture Perfect.

So there’s the story of two books I have more than one copy of.

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