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I’m enjoying doing these prompts a  lot and finding writing them easier than I thought – I’d planned to schedule a lot of them in advance but haven’t actually gotten round to doing that.  But finding time to write on a daily basis is easier than I’d anticipated and it’s a good habit for me to get into.  But it will probably all go wrong now I’ve blogged about that.

The film or TV tie-in stuff I read most often is fanfiction – almost always NCIS fanfiction at the moment although I dip in and out of various fandoms and am actually reading a Harry Potter fic at the moment.  And I really wish there was more Lord Peter Wimsey (Dorothy L Sayers) fanfiction on the ‘net.  But of course those are books not film or TV.  And really it isn’t more fanfiction I want.  I want more actual books with Lord Peter in them.

In terms of books however if I’m mentioning a film or TV tie in it’s got to be Star Trek.  I love Star Trek and especially Star Trek books.  Although a couple of the more recent ones from this year have been disappointing with some canon errors that a good writer or editor should have caught.

And “film or TV tie-in” probably isn’t the right term for me as I’m not big on film if I’m completely honest.  A couple of brilliant books that I’ve loved have films either out now or coming out very soon but I’m not that bothered about watching them.  In part because I worry about the films ruining the books.  My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult was an amazing book that I loved and I went on to read a lot of Jodi Picoult’s books after that.  I no longer buy her books the very day they come out because I think they’ve got a bit same-y but I still love them.  So when I head there was a film coming out I was excited.  But it didn’t come to the cinema here and then I heard how they’d completely changed the ending and I’ve not bothered to watch it.  Because the completely different ending ruins it for me and it’s no longer something I want to see., I did love the films of the Harry Potter books but my favourite bits of those were usually the bits which weren’t in the books.  And I think they are better viewed as a separate but related part of the books rather than strictly part following slavishly to the books.

So it’s TV tie-in all the way for me.  By which I mean Star Trek.  The Next Generation or Voyager or very occasionally Deep Space Nine.  I was never as big of a fan of original Star Trek as I was of The Next Generation so I don’t read the books.  I mean I’ve read a few but I don’t make an effort to read them. I might if one or two of my favourite Star Trek authors wrote a new one.  Especially people like Peter David.  I think I’ve read every single Voyager or The Next Generation book or related book (Star Trek Titan or Star Trek New Frontier, that sort of thing) that’s come out over the last few years.


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