Reminds me of someone I love

This is a really tough prompt.  Because I don’t want  people to think that I haven’t mentioned the book they gave me or they lent me because I don’t like or appreciate that. It upsets me to think that.  Which is probably a sign for the fact that I’m tired and struggling a bit with my mental health right now.  But it’s the truth. And I can’t think of a book that reminds me of someone I love that isn’t one they lent or gave to me.

That said the books that first came to mind when I read this prompt are the ones I’ll go with.

Those books (and it is books because they are a trilogy) were a present for my thirteenth birthday from Auntie Sheila who is my Great Aunt – my Dad’s aunt.  The Emily books by L.M. Montgomery (Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs and Emily’s Quest).

I think I’d already read and enjoyed L.M. Montgomery’s Anne books at the time but I couldn’t say definitively that I did discover Anne before Auntie Sheila gave me these books and introduced me to Emily but I think I did.  I still have two of the three books now.  Or rather I have two of the three books on the bookcase in my lounge.  I’m convinced I still have all three but I can’t find my copy of Emily of New Moon and haven’t been able to for years. I think there’s a box of my books somewhere at my parent’s house still from my pre-uni days but they don’t agree with me.

I’d like to re-read these books and see if they are as good as I remember – I read them several times as a teen.  And I will.  But downloading a copy of the first one from Project Gutenberg just doesn’t feel the same as reading my copy.  So I will, some day, but it won’t be today.

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