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Secondhand Bookshop Gem

I can’t actually remember the last time I went to a secondhand bookshop.  So it’s a bit tricky for me to share a book that was a secondhand bookshop gem.  In fact I’m not even sure I know where there is a proper secondhand bookshop near here.  There is one but I think it’s quite specialist, it’s not open often and on the rare occasions I’ve been past it it’s looked as though it would be difficult for me to manuever my chair round there – or at least those were my quick glance through the window thoughts.

I do sometimes buy books from charity shops but I haven’t for ages.  Last summer I would think is the last time but it might have been further ago than that.  I tend to donate books to charity shops more often than I buy them.  When I took a bunch of books to the charity shop last week I could probably have bought several but the one I go to has a step up to the books and although it has a moveable ramp I can and have used in the past I decided not to ask her to get it out for me because it would just defeat the object of my donating so many books.  I’m mean, given I donated something like 30 it’s unlikely I’d have come home with as many as I donated but still the possibility was there so I didn’t even look at what they had. Discretion, valour, etc.

I borrow books from friends a lot and lend books to them.  Mostly to my mum or my sister but to a couple of friends.  And once or twice I’ve lent to a friend and then they’ve passed it to their mum or their daughter or whoever. And occasionally I go to the library but not as often as I used to.  Mostly because CAB used to be across the road from the library so it was easy to pop in on  my way to and from.  But then several years ago it moved and it’s not there now.  I still go to the library but it’s more of an effort than a spur of the moment thing now and I think “maybe I’ll go to the library” more often than I get there.


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