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I can’t name just one book that makes me laugh because practically every book I’ve ever read has made me laugh at some point.  If not laugh out loud it’s definitely amused me and made me laugh on the inside.  In fact I would hope that every book, even the tradegies would have some form of light hearted moment even if not one that was outright funny.

So I could probably answer this with every single book I’ve ever read.  Or at least nearly every book I’ve ever read.

I could mention the ones that made me giggle outloud like As Delightful As A Carrot by Keris Stainton which is a book of the things her boys say.  I was reading that whilst eating and I had to stop for fear that I’d choke on my sandwich I was laughing that hard.  I know kids are funny but Harry and Joe (Keris’s sons) are hilarious.  I laughed out loud when I read it the second time too.  If the goodreads the reviews are anything to go by I’m not the only one who was sat there giggling reading that.

Or if I was going to mention a fiction book I’d say Jasper Fforde’s books make me laugh.  I’ve only read his Thursday Next books and on the related Nursery Crime books but they’re just zany and out there and so totally ridiculous you’ve got to laugh and I can’t stop reading them.  I really hope there’s another Thursday Next book soon.  They’re a sort of alternate universe, literary, meta fiction that’s funny but not one that will have you giggling outloud on every single page or even every single chapter.

Of course as I wrote that it did occur to me that what’s a funny laugh out loud book to me might not be to others.  It’s like books that make you cry.  I’ve heard several people talk about books that are sad and ones that made them sob uncontrollably.  Like John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars.  It was a sad book and one that got me.  But it didn’t make me cry.  I can’t remember the last time a book made me cry.  I’ll cry at blogs and I’ll very occasionally cry at the TV.  But I’m not sure a book has ever made me cry.

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  1. This ‘Book A Day has upped your blog output like nothing else since I have been following you. I am amazed at the depth and breadth of your reading and look forward to the day you report that a book made you cry. The first book I remember crying uncontrollably over was ‘Black Beauty’ and it was because the author told it from the horses mouth. Also brilliant for never saying you had read something you didn’t and I liked the honesty in the War and Peace bit too

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