Random Bullet Points of Life

I will post today’s book a day blog later but after several weeks of just blogging about books thought I’d like to blog about something else for once. So here are the random bullet points of life.  Little things worth recording that haven’t yet been blogged about.

I had all of my hair cut off about ten days ago.  It was just above my elbows.  It’s now level with my collar bone.  I was looking at it in the mirror in the hairdressers and all I could say was “it’s really short.”  I like it a lot, it’s grown on my more as the days have gone past but I did spend most of the first day going “shit where’s all my hair gone? What have I done.”  Not helped by the fact that really I wanted it leaving a tiny bit longer than it is (although I should have been more specific with the hairdresser about that) and a couple of people didn’t react very well to my hair cut – partly because how I described my hair cut meant they thought I’d had it cut a lot shorter than it is.  Once they saw it they liked it.

This year’s CAB summer social was on Thursday night.  It was quite fun and in a really pretty location with amazing views.  On the whole I enjoyed it but I found it a struggle at times because although the building was very accessible we were outside for a couple of hours – a long way from the building we were in over grass and gravel paths and up hill.  Not great when I’m in my manual chair.  Plus, to get into the building for food or the loo I had to go out of my way further up hill and onto the road to find a dropped kerb.  I kept trying to remind myself that even with my powerchair grass and gravel would still have been difficult although in a different way. A struggle but on the whole it was worth it and several people did what they could to help me.   It did make me think about the fact that when I ask for access I ask about level or ramped access and disabled loos and parking etc but maybe I need to make sure people are aware of the bigger picture.  That probably needs a blog to itself though.

I have signed up to do a three session mosaic making workshop later this year.  It should be good but I’m really hoping it’s taught by the woman who did the taster session earlier this year rather than the woman who taught the tasters I did some years ago because the taster this year was so much better than the previous ones.  I should have thought to ask them about that when I was signing up but I didn’t.

Last Saturday I went to London for the day to see two of my friends who live in London.  We’re a bit of a group with another friend who lives in Oxford and she came in to join us.  We were mostly hanging around the Southbank Centre and then me and one of my friends went on the London Eye which I think was the 5th time I’ve done that. I’m now wondering about going back and going up The Shard.  The Emirates Airline (AKA the cable car) is another thing I’d like to do but their accessibility information doesn’t make any sense to me and I can’t figure out if I can take my powerchair on it.  I read it to my mum and she said it didn’t make any sense either. I will send them an email but I’ve a sneaking suspicion that what they say they can accommodate and what they actually mean are different and unless you get a staff member answering who knows definitively and knows wheelchairs it’s going to be a stock answer.

An afternoon of crafts calls to me now.


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