An Old Favourite

Today’s prompt shouldn’t be as difficult for me as I think tomorrow’s prompt might be.  But in a way it is.  Simply because I’ve already mentioned several “Old favourites” in responding to the earlier prompts.  Particularly when I wrote about my favourite books from childhood and the one that reminds me of someone I love. And in many ways I’d like to try not to repeat myself too much in answering these prompts.  So many books, so little time and all that…

My old favourite is a book I’ve read many times (I’ve no idea how many) but haven’t reread in probably 9+ years – it’s one of the few favouites I took with me to uni.  It was battered then because I’d read it so many times and it’s even more battered now even though it’s sat on the shelf unread for many years.

Q Squared by Peter David

It’s a Star Trek: The Next Generation book and it turns the usual canon upside down, is totally hilarious in the process and I remember it as being unputdownable.

I often used to read a book and the reread my favourite bits of it again straight away.  For some reason I don’t do that as often now or really even ever.  Perhaps because I have more books and there is always still the chance to go straight away onto somethng new.  Q Squared was a book I spent ages rereading all and bits of.  And you know what?  I’m going offline in a few minutes to make a sandwich.  I’m very tempted to get my copy out and start reading it whilst I eat.  But then I’m due at CAB to work on social policy this afternoon.  And I can’t help thinking I’ll probably lose track of time if I do that.

But definitely soon.

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