Can’t Believe More People Haven’t Read It

Fever by Mary Beth Keane.

I picked that up when I went to a blogger event at Simon and Schuster a couple of years ago.  It really didn’t look like my sort of book but it belonged to a genre (historical fiction) that a friend of mine loves and I thought why not try it and expand my horizons.  I was able to have as many free books as I wanted when I was there and if I didn’t like it she’d probably read and enjoy it.

I’m not sure that it’s a book I’m all “wow I can’t believe more people haven’t read this.” it’s definitely a book that I’ve not heard many people talking about.  But it’s one I rave about.  I’ve only read it once and I absolutely loved it.  As I said it was something that was a bit out there for me and I was blown away when I finally got round to reading it by just how great it was.  It’s one book I’ll definitely keep for a long time and will reread at some point.  At the same time I don’t want to re-read it in case it isn’t as good second time round.  Catch 22.

After I read it I lent it to a friend of mine.  She loved it too and was very impressed.  Then I lent it to the friend that I’d thought of when I picked it up.  And again she thought it was great.

You can read my review of Fever by Mary Beth Keane here.

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  1. I remember reading the review you did. You are right, I too am surprised I haven’t heard more about it.Gruesome subject the author must have handled it well.

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