Summer Read

The Swallows and Amazons books are the ones that come to mind when I think of a summer read.  Perhaps because almost all of them are set in summer and are about sailing (Winter Holiday being the obvious exception but there are one or two others which aren’t about sailing as such).  Or perhaps because I’m reminded of sunny hot days sat outside my front door when I read them for the first time a few years ago (apparently it was 2009).

These are classic kids books and I was surprised how much I loved them.  I said I’d read the first one and the rest if they were any good.  I loved them all.  I’ve blogged about them at least once before in fact.  They’re the sort of book I’d love to read again.  But more than that I’d love to read them again FOR THE FIRST TIME. if that makes sense.

In one of the earlier books one of the children is told that they should hold the tiller of their boat with their fingers only. Every so often someone shouts “fingers!” at them  I’ve never been told that at sailing and I suspect it doesn’t make any difference with a challenger.  But sometimes when I’m sailing I remember that and I try to see if I can steer using just my fingers instead of my whole hand.  And I do for a bit but then I get distracted and I let it go back to what’s natural and I do without thinking.  For a few weeks at least until I remembers The Swallows and Amazons again and their “fingers only” rule.

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