Out of Print

I am totally phoning todays prompt in.  And I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to get to that point!

I don’t think books being out of print is as big of a deal as it used to be.  Because with the various book finding communities online it’s easy to find books now in a way that it never was before.  And even when you can’t remember much about a book there are communities which can tell you what it was.

Seriously I once posted on one that as a teenager I’d read a  bookof my Dad’s about what if JFK had survived being shot and it had a gray cover with the title in red.  I might have remembered a bit more but it wasn’t more than that.  Yet within a very short period they were able to tell me that it was called Promises to Keep and was by George Bernau.  And then Amazon marketplace to the rescue and I had a copy.

I’ve not re-read it yet but it’s on my shelf waiting.

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