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Want to be one of the characters

Surprisingly I’m up already (if you follow my twitter feed you’ll know why this is surprising but I’ll blog about those reasons at some point soon) but I suspect I’ll be taking a l-o-n-g nap this afternoon so I’ll write my blog now.

I can’t think of a book I want to be one of the characters of.  If I was asked what I’d like to be a character in and it could be anything it would probably be a TV show, specifically NCIS.

What I’d like more than to be a character in a book is to read more books with people like me in.  Disabled people.  Specificially physically and visibly disabled characters.

I’ve read 60+ books this year.  After I finished my 50th book I started writing a blog post of all the books I’d read this year that had a disabled character.  I got pissed off and stopped writing it because I could mention several (more than I would have been able to some years ago for sure) but they were all invisible disabilities and pretty much all of them were mental health conditions.  Including mental health conditions in books is a good thing.  Including invisible disabilities is a good thing.  But disability is more than depression or autism or dementia.  And I still couldn’t read a book about a person like me.

I’ve recently read a book (Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern) that had a main character with CP.  She was nonverbal and used a AAC device and a walker but really needed to use a wheelchair but didn’t (this was a minor plot point that should have been a much bigger one) and the whole way her disability was handled wasn’t great BUT she was there and she was visible and it’s a start even if not a great one.

But the issue of disabled characters is completely separate to this prompt and probably one I should blog about seperately and in more detail at some point in the future.

Dragging myself somewhat back onto the topic of wanting to be one of the characters in a book I should say that I’ve been reading 1Q84 by Murakami this week.  I don’t want to be one of the characters in the book because it’s good but very weird (as his books usually are).  But I would love to go to Japan and get a feel for the place because I think it would make me enjoy his books more than I already do.  And he is an author who to me seems to do disability pretty well (still somewhat lacking in the visible/physical disabilities though) particularly in his other book Kafka on the Shore.

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