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Bought in my fave independent book shop

I will be back with another blog entry later today because I have a review to post but first, quickly, here is today’s book prompt.

I don’t live near an independent book shop.  Hell there isn’t even a proper book shop here in this town.  So it’s a tricky one to answer.

But I do love a visit to Foyles when I go to London.  And yes that’s a chain but it’s a pretty small one being they only have seven branches (six in London and one in Bristol) and I think I heard a rumour a while ago that one is closing.  So it does still count as an indie bookshop.

When I went to London a few weeks ago we did a lot of hanging around the Southbank Centre.  And as a part of that we ended up in the Royal Festival Hall branch of Foyles.  I bought myself a copy of Fingersmith by Sarah Walters (although I’ve yet to read it).  So that’s the book I’ll use for this prompt.

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  • Angela Harding

    Makes me wonder how you felt when I said I bought books through Amazon but a lot of the companies are little one man bands, little indies who sell through Amazon and they give the most amazing service and I would not buy books at all if it were not for them. My local bookshop gets them to sell when I have finished them so hope that is some support. The book I was encouraged to buy by your blog was ‘Payback’ Margaret Atwood published in 2008. It is in keeping with my non fiction interests yet an amazing journey through so many famous characters, books and authors. Dr Faustus to Scrooge and ideologies over millennia. Quite a prophetic book and all thanks to you.

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