Would Save If My House Burned Down

This is the last of the month of prompts.  I’m pleased with that mostly because I’m proud of the fact that I managed to get through them all.  I’m not always great at making my way though an entire list of blog prompts when I plan to.  I’m tempted by the July prompts though some of them seem slightly ridiculous if you ask me.

I do have to say that this is the one prompt that has given me the rage out of all of the June book a day prompts.

If my house burned down it wouldn’t be books that I’d be saving.  I’d be saving myself and as a part of that I’d obviously save one of my wheelchairs simply due to the fact that I wouldn’t be able get out of the house if I didn’t.

I have other things in my house I’d like to save.  But only if I was sure it was safe to do so.

Bobby, my teddy bear I’ve had from the day I was born would be the first one that came to mind.  My photos would be another.  Probably my external hard drive because a lot of my photos are on there and I don’t have print outs of them (but I don’t think I can reach where it is on the floor by my computer under the desk).  Random stuff that I’m sentimental about which I won’t mention because it doesn’t make sense unless you’re me.

But not books.  All books, even the ones I’m sentimental about because of who gave them to me and where and when I get them, are just books when it comes down to it. And totally replaceable.  I am not.

(the point I’d originally been going to make about this prompt was that actually being that everything on my Kindle could be redownloaded from my amazon account I wouldn’t lose all my books and could save the 200+ I’ve got on Kindle without trying.  But then I got too ragey about the very idea of this prompt and decided it wasn’t relevant to the point I wanted to make)

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  1. Wow feel like I have done a marathon with you! Totally agree with your final blog. I am sure I would have written the same. Would have loved to have read the ragey edition. That is a very expressive word….Would you do it again if the prompts were really inspirational?

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