July Book A Day Prompts 1 – 5

Here in one post are my (hopefully short) answers to the first five of the July book a day prompts.  I will do some every few days throughout August (from both this list and the August list)

bookadayJULY1) A book that made you laugh outloud

I will try to come up with something different for this one to what I said when I answered it on the June prompt list. Belching Out The Devil – Global Adventures with Coca-Cola by Mark Thomas.  I’ve never finished this book.  I read the first chapter and was having hysterics it was so funny.  And then I had to put it to one side because I was worried I was disturbing people with my laughter as it was loud and late at night and never picked it up again.  I must.

2) Favourite SF/Fantasy Novel for World UFO day.

Well, I love Harry Potter but I’ve never really thought of those books as fantasy and I don’t call myself a fantasy fan.  I love sci fi though although I don’t read it that often.  I think I’ll go with 2001: A Space Odyssey and it’s sequels by Arthur C. Clarke because they were my introduction to his books and I liked them a lot.  Although now I’ve written that I’m thinking “didn’t I prefer Rendevous with Rama?”

3) Favourite Novel in Translation

It’s obviously got to be something by Haruki Murakami because I’ve now read something like six of his books.  I’m torn between Norwegian Wood because that was a brilliant example of a book about mental health conditions and the first of his I read, Kafka on the Shore because it was fantastic as a whole and I especially loved the character of Nakata who has learning disabilities but is so much more than that (a rare presentation of a character) and just describes himself as “Nakata isn’t very bright.” and The Wind Up Bird Chronicles because it wowed me.  But then all of the Murakami books I’ve read have wowed me.  As I’m writing this I’m thinking it’s gotta be Kafka on the Shore.

4)  All Time Favourite American Book for 4th July Independence Day

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  It was a long read and the idea of it felt overwhelming before I got started but I soon got over that and got really into it.  I also really liked the film but it was so, so different to the book and I’m very pleased I didn’t watch that first because I think I wouldn’t have made it through the book if I had.  Especially once all the changes between the film and the book became apparent.

5) Most Delicious Novel About Food

Blackberry Wine by Joanne Harris.  That was such a magical book.  Long time since I read it and sadly I’m pretty sure I swapped my copy on Read It Swap It because as I’m thinking about it now I’m longing to read it again.

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