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Worlds Apart by Ber Carroll

I received a free review copy of Worlds Apart by Ber Carroll.  My review isn’t in any way influenced by the fact I was asked to write it.  It may however by somewhat influenced by the fact that I’m hurting a lot right now and have take a whack of painkillers.  Writing this review is distracting me while I wait for them to kick in but I’m worried I might not do Worlds Apart justice. If you could imagine that my enthusiasm for this book is much more than it’s coming across as, that would be excellent.

Here’s the blurb from the back:

Two women worlds apart …
one secret that changes everything.

Erin and Laura are cousins and best friends who share a love of languages and travel.

Erin, a French teacher in Dublin, reaches crisis point and drops everything to move to Australia. In Sydney, not only does she land the perfect job, but she meets the perfect man. Finally, her life is falling into place. Except Sydney isn’t home, and never can be.

Back in Ireland, Laura is struggling. Her husband appears distant, her work life is spinning out of control and her daughter’s strange new nanny is undermining her at every turn. She longs to travel in Erin’s footsteps, to drop everything and run far away. But these are dangerous thoughts for a mother and wife.

As Erin and Laura desperately try to find their place in the world, a shocking family secret comes to light, and nothing will ever be the same again.

‘Ber Carroll has given us a cast of warm, engaging characters in a sparkling story that crosses the globe between Ireland and Australia. I enjoyed every page of this touching, authentic novel.’ – Liane Moriarty.

‘This novel is a wonderful full-bodied read. Ber Carroll has a clever eye for characterisation and story.’ – Cathy Kelly

‘With all the humour and empathy of Binchy … Carroll captures the conflicts and compromises women make.’ – Daily Telegraph

I finished the last book I read before reading Worlds Apart and I was stuck.  I’ve been feeling like I should read more physical books because I have what feels like hundreds of unread ones and I’ve been reading mostly ebooks. But I was looking at my bookcases and there was nothing I felt like reading.  I picked one up and threw it down again within 15 pages (unusual for me, I always try to give things 50 pages) So back to my trusty Kindle it was.  And within five minutes of starting to read Worlds Apart I knew that this was gonna be a good book and would get me out of my reading slump.  I was glad when my plans got changed so I could read for as long as I wanted rather than the 15 minutes before someone came round.

I love books set in Ireland (and I’d love to go on a proper visit there).  I love books with secrets.  And I really loved my time in Austrailia when I was a teenager and would love to go back again so this was a win all round for me.  I’ve visited some of the places Erin goes to in Sydney so it was cool to read about them and brought back some treasured memories. Especially as I’d completely forgotten about one of the places until it was mentioned in the book.

World’s Apart is really well written.  I’d never heard of Ber Carroll before joining her blog tour.  But I’m very keen to read more of her books and I feel at least one more will be finding it’s way onto my Kindle very, very soon.

(and as a side note: my painkillers seem to finally be doing their job)


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