Random Bullet Points of Life

Random Bullet Points of Life: for those bits of life that I want to record but which probably don’t merit their own blog entry. And/or are too long for tweets!

+ Novel writing continues.  I’ve almost definitely set myself too much of a goal in too short a period and it’s not going as fast as I’d like.  But I’ve got stuff I like done and I’m pleased with that.

+ The sailing season is nearly over.  I’ve had a couple of really long sails in the past couple of weeks which were good.  Both longer than I expected because I’d been convinced it’d be a case of on the water and here comes the rain stright back in again so it’s extra good to have avoided that twice.  However the will it be on or won’t it be on questionable status of the end of season seems to have hit much sooner than in previous years. I’ve never liked that.

+  My manual chair is broken. It’s frustrating because it’s a specialist bit so getting it fixed is more complicated than my usual call the NHS repair contractor and try and coordinate our schedules easy job. But it’s a work in progress and my chair is still useable so it’s not a huge catastrophe.  I wish people would understand that and not overreact and make it a drama. There was a suggestion that I need a miracle to get my chair fixed. Um, no.

+ Next week will mark 10 years since I started volunteering at CAB.  I said I would commit to six months. As I’ve said to several people since this has been the longest six months ever. I might blog more about that.

+ Having been at a workshop today where listicles were discussed I’m writing this and wondering if this counts.  I think the lack of numbers means it probably doesn’t.

+ I fear it might soon be time to retire my three quarter lengths and return to jeans for the rest of the year.  I am fundamentally opposed to this on the grounds it’s August. This should be a mid to end September decision.

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  1. Monday is September 1st but I am hoping for an Indian summer for all of us we have had enough rain in August

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